Financial planners share the dumbest things they’ve ever heard from their clients

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It could happen at the coffee shop or in the produce aisle at the grocery store.There you are, minding your own business, when you catch a snippet of someone else’s money conversation — and what they say blows your mind.That person is taking out a loan on their nest egg to buy what?!Which got us thinking: If we’re shaking our heads in disbelief at one overheard tale, can you imagine what financial pros must hear —  every day?Well, we decided to find out.So we tapped financial planners across the country to share some of the most head-scratching one-liners they’ve heard clients say about their nest egg plans.

The most accurate Apple analyst in the world thinks a new iPhone is coming in August

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iPhone 6 Plus

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has an excellent track record when it comes to making predictions about coming Apple products, thinks the company will officially unveil its next iPhone in August.This is an odd move for Apple — the company usually announces its new iPhones in September and releases them in the same month, typically about 10 days after the unveiling.This year, however, Kuo believes Apple will announce two new iPhones in August before selling them in September, as the analyst wrote in a recent note sent to clients obtained by The China Post.

5 ways this Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid is revolutionizing the luxury market

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Car from front

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Plug-In Hybrid drives green but rides in style. Step inside this revolutionary vehicle and you’ll see what the automaker means when it says, “The best or nothing.” The cabin is palatial, but finely detailed, and set among the latest in technology. You’ll immediately note the vehicle’s hand-stitched leather, brushed aluminum accents, and top-flight craftsmanship. You’ll experience an interior temperature you preset on your phone — before you’ve even entered the car. And you’ll be riding with the most advanced safety systems in the world: technologies designed to help keep you in your lane, alert at the wheel, and a safe distance from the car in front of you. But this Mercedes-Benz is also a plug-in hybrid. Sometimes it is easy being green.

Fox will be the first studio to create all movies in high dynamic range, ultra HD for home viewing

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Life of Pi

High dynamic range — meaning a wider range between the whitest whites and blackest blacks in an image — is viewed by many Hollywood tech leaders as the key feature that will create a more noticeable picture advancement for viewers, certainly compared with Ultra HD (4K resolution, or four times the resolution of HD) alone.But while many tech industry leaders are in agreement on taking an HDR path, the challenge is how to implement it while sidestepping a potential format war.To do this, the recently formed studio and manufacturer coalition UHD Alliance is aiming to work swiftly to create an agreed-upon, consistent and inter-operable HDR quality specification for home entertainment. (Standards bodies such as the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers are also doing HDR standards work.)

A US aircraft carrier that isn’t scheduled to enter service until 2023 is already $370 million over-budget

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The cost estimate of the Navy’s second Ford-class aircraft carrier has already jumped by $370 million even though Navy leaders have promised the service has learned from its mistakes that led to $2 billion in cost overruns for the USS Ford.The Pentagon’s Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation office, or CAPE, has estimated that the USS Kennedy construction costs have increased by $370 million, according to a Bloomberg news report. The USS Kennedy, or CVN 79, is now being built by Huntington Ingalls Industries in Newport News, Va. and is slated to enter service in 2023.

Here’s how the bottom falls out of Obama’s foreign policy

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Obama Coast Guard_MillAP Photo/Pablo Martinez MonsivaisPresident Barack Obama is introduced at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduation in New London, Conn., Wednesday, May 20, 2015, before giving the commencement address.

President Obama’s overly cautious approach to achieving America’s foreign policy objectives could produce an even bigger crisis in the Middle East than he sought to avoid, David Rothkopf writes in a recent op-ed for Foreign Policy.

Rothkopf says that the president’s willingness to leave America’s strategic goals in the hands of “other people’s armies” is symptomatic of his reluctance to become entangled in foreign wars — an understandable impulse given “the often thankless, frustrating experience of being the world’s policeman, and the reasonable expectation that other nations should clean up their own messes.”

An insider’s guide to Montauk

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Tacombi NYC

Montauk has long been regarded as a casual beach town with a decidedly bohemian vibe—and it still is—but the easternmost point of Long Island is also flush with an impressive culinary scene, chic waterfront bars and more.We asked five loyal Montauk lovers to share their local recommendations.Here’s what they came up with. 

12 ways to be richer a year from now

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rich man cars


Without even knowing you I’d be willing to bet that the New Year’s resolutions you made this year didn’t materialize.There’s no point agonizing over that – it’s what happens to most people.But you can do something about it.Here are 12 ways to be richer a year from now.You don’t have to do them all, of course, but accomplishing just a few could make a big difference in your life a year from now.Even more important, the goals you achieve this year will set the stage for even greater ccomplishments next year.The most important step, as always, is to get started.

A once-red-hot trivia app, QuizUp, raised more than $27 million — now it is pivoting into a social network

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When trivia app QuizUp launched in 2013, its meteoric rise to the top of App Store charts surprised even the founder of the Icelandic gaming studio that made it.Thor Fridriksson of Plain Vanilla Games watched in awe as QuizUp became the fastest growing iPhone game in history. The app let users compete head-to-head in specific trivia catgories, like spices or British Royals, and it raised nearly $27 million from Sequoia Capital, Greycroft and others. Within months, QuizUp launched its Android app and started expanding globally, introducing country-specific trivia categories. People were initially addicted to showing off their smarts and competed in hundreds of millions of rounds. But Fridriksson also noticed players were using a lot of the app’s built-in social features to chat with each other and leave long comments in forums for topics they loved. 

I sequenced my DNA at a community lab in Brooklyn — and what I learned surprised me

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If you’ve ever gargled with mouthwash, felt a canker sore with your finger, or rubbed the inside of your mouth with the tip of your tongue, you’ve played with the raw material you need to hack your DNA.Provided you have the right equipment, you can use this material to learn some mind-blowing things about yourself, from where your ancestors came from to how susceptible you are to certain diseases.A few months ago, I decided to do just that.