The Secret Reloading Animations Of Battlefield Hardline

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The Secret Reloading Animations Of Battlefield Hardline

Every time you reload a gun in Battlefield Hardline, there’s a very small chance of finding a weird and secret reload animation. The developers thought it would take a while for players to discover them, but as the game’s beta moves forward, they’ve found some rad easter eggs.

This all came to light when someone posted their discovery, prompting the creators to acknowledge there were more of them in the game and challenge players to find them:

Counter-Strike Pros: Never Bet On Matches

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Valve To Counter-Strike Pros: Never Bet On Matches

Recently there have been accusations (some proven) of match-fixing and illicit betting in professional Counter-Strike matches. Valve announced their verdict against the trend, bringing their ban-gavel down on multiple bigtime North American players. Now, they’ve added some stern advice: pros should stop betting altogether.

Call of Duty’s Star-Studded Co-Op DLC Is Off To A Fine Start

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Call of Duty's Star-Studded Co-Op DLC Is Off To A Fine Start12

Call of Duty‘s first downloadable content has hit the Xbox One today, bringing with it some maps the competitive folks should enjoy and a chance to soak in the sound bytes of four prominent actors while shooting mechanically-pulled zombies. That’s my jam. 3

Warning: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare story spoilers ahead. 4

First off, I just typed out “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare story spoilers” with a straight face. Lacking the sort of complex motion capture technology required to scan John Malkovich, Jon Bernthal, Rose McGowan and Bill Paxton’s heads into the first installment of the new Exo Zombies co-op mode, you’ll just have to take my word. “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare story spoilers.” Okay, that time I laughed.

At some point in the storyline for the main game a biological agent is released by some giant evil company I’ll not mention to avoid spoiling it. The agent is supposed to kill non-employees of said company. Instead it turns everybody at the company’s headquarters into a zombie. Everyone except for a security guard (Bernthal), a Rose McGowan, Bill Paxton as your dad and John Malkovich as the foul-mouthed janitor with a heart of gold.

You may have seen last week’s story trailer. Here is the full intro for the game mode’s first installment.

From hell: a look at John Carmack’s incredible and influential games

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Doom 3

John Carmack has left id Software. After helping found the company more than 20 years ago, where he helped craft experiences like Doom and Quake, Carmack has officially shifted his focus full time to virtual reality firm Oculus VR, where he’ll serve as a chief technical officer. It’s a position he originally took on back in August, but it seems that splitting his time between the two companies just wasn’t working out. “The divided focus was challenging,” he says. The move is perhaps not that surprising: Carmack has always had a fascination with building new technologies, making the Oculus Rift headset an ideal project.

“John’s work on id Tech 5 and the technology for the current development work at id is complete, and his departure will not affect any current projects,” id studio director Tim Willits told Polygon, referring to the game engine that will be used to power the in-development Doom 4. But while Carmack’s time at id may be at an end, his influence will continue to be felt — here are some of his most important contributions.


PS4 and Xbox One: The diminishing returns of next-gen console graphics

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Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 1

If you plot the complexity of a given technology — tools, cars, silicon chips — on a graph, the line usually looks like a hockey stick: Slow to begin with, and then exponential growth for a long, long time as the technology matures. If you plot the actual usefulness or power of that same technology, though, it looks more like a bell curve: After a certain point, there are diminishing returns on further maturation. Nowhere is this more obvious than in computing in general, and game console graphics in specific. While the PS4 and Xbox One boast hardware specs that are much more powerful than their predecessors, the actual difference in visual quality between the PS3 and PS4 or Xbox 360 and Xbox One will be minimal. The hard truth is, given the current state of TV technology, and the distance we sit from the TV, there will be serious diminishing returns from both consoles’ massive increase in graphics processing power. We would be much wiser to focus on other attributes that aren’t yet affected by the diminishing returns of faster chips, such as AI and art direction, but we’ll soon see if developers and publishers feel the same way.

Cast yourself back to 1990. Nintendo had just released the SNES and the state of the art for computer graphics was probably Super Mario World, with up to 128 on-screen sprites and four background layers. Just six or seven years later, thanks to the advent of DirectX, the N64, the PlayStation, and the founding of 3DFX, we’re playing fully 3D games such asQuakeSuper Mario 64Final Fantasy 7, and GoldenEye. Just a few years later in 2001, millions of people were blowing each other up in fast-paced 3D games such as Halo, and exploring beautiful 3D worlds in PC games like Mafia.

Super Mario World (left), Mafia (middle), Crysis 3 (right)

What is a next-gen game?

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Battlefield 4 stock e3 2013 1020

This November, the Xbox 360 will be eight years old. The PlayStation 3 will be seven. At the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo, we finally got acquainted with their successors. The new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 represent a new generation of consoles, the fabled “next generation,” and with them comes the tantalizing possibility of “next-gen” games. Why else would we spend upwards of $399 on a new game console?

What does a next-gen game look like, though? What does “next-gen” even mean? Going into E3 2013, we had no idea what to expect. So on Monday morning, we made it our mission to answer this question. We tracked down the most advanced games, watched dozens of demonstrations, interviewed their developers, and occasionally even got to play. Slowly, over the course of the week, patterns began to emerge.

 Tightened graphicsForza_5-hero

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

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Infinity Ward
Release: Nov 8, 2011 (US) »

When the Modern Warfare scion of the venerable Call of Duty franchise branched out four years ago, the electrifying campaign and addictive multiplayer cast a new mold for first-person shooters. In the years since, this formula has been consistently refined, shamelessly imitated, and widely adored, making it one of the defining franchises of this generation. Modern Warfare 3 stays the course, delivering an explosive campaign, breakneck competitive action, and challenging cooperative play. This is an exciting and rewarding game, but the series’ signature thrills have lost some of their luster. Modern Warfare 3 iterates rather than innovates, so the fun you have is familiar. Fortunately, it’s also utterly engrossing and immensely satisfying, giving fans another reason to rejoice in this busy shooter season.

Serious Sam 3: BFE

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Sam’s back, for what that is worth.  Serious Sam 3 BFE continues the ridiculous, over-the-top carnage–which we are all familiar with.  This installment of the series holds no punches.  If you are looking for a game full of crazy weapons, corny one-liners, and huge scale FPS battles, this game is for you.  If you are looking for a FPS with stellar plot, good story telling, and realistic style combat situations, Serious Sam is seriously not for you.

Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me

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It’s a definite improvement. Duke Nukem Forever’s latest batch of DLC feels like an attempt to replace the game’s original campaign with something a little less wobbly, and it just about manages that. The storyline is a touch wittier: Duke’s fighting an army made from clones of himself before jetting off into space to really stick it to the alien menace again. The pacing doesn’t seem quite so haphazard and the grim lady grot has been confined, more or less, to an eleventh-hour visit to a brothel – a sequence that feels more like a contractual obligation than anything the developers actually thought was a good idea.