uTorrent accused of bundling cryptocurrency malware with popular BitTorrent client

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For years, if you’ve used BitTorrent, you’ve probably used µTorrent to manage and control torrent files. The software is the most popular Torrent client online with an estimated 100 million users, and its valued for its small footprint and rich feature set. µTorrent has been including adware for several years (despite warning people in its install against installations that attempt to charge for the program), but it may have crossed a line this time — numerous users are reporting that installing the program also silently installs an application called Epic Scale.

Epic Scale is shady looking, to say the least. The company website claims a straight link between installing Epic Scale and benefiting charities — literally.


The impression the website gives is that by installing this program, you literally donate compute time to charity. It’s like [email protected], or SETI, or another equivalent project — right?

Well, no. Not exactly. A little farther down the page, the website notes:

“How is money earned?”

Dell XPS 13 Review (2015): The Windows Laptop To Beat

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Dell XPS 13 Review (2015): The Windows Laptop To Beat1

Are you thinking of buying a Windows laptop? Don’t, until you’ve read this review. The new Dell XPS 13 isn’t perfect, but it’s freaking incredible for the $800 you’ll spend to bring one home.

What Is It?

The latest version of Dell’s 13-inch MacBook Air competitor, now thinner and lighter than before. A laptop with a screen that practically looks like it’s floating on air thanks to crazy-thin bezels. A premium laptop with a shiny aluminum chassis, silky carbon fiber palmrests, and a precision touchpad. A laptop that somehow manages to offer all that and a lovely 1080p matte screen for just $800. Or a QHD+ touchscreen for $1300. A tiny Windows laptop that manages to fit a full-size SD card slot.