Daimler and Qualcomm team up on connected car tech

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Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

Car companies aren’t usually good at wireless tech, and wireless companies aren’t great with cars — if you want to make wireless-savvy vehicles, you’ll probably need some teamwork. Accordingly, Daimler and Qualcomm have forged a partnership that should improve connected cars. The first phase of this collaboration will focus on bringing cellular data and wireless electric car charging to your ride. They’re not saying when they expect to bring their combined efforts to market, or what comes next. With that said, it won’t be shocking if you’re one day driving an electric Mercedes that’s always online and never needs to plug in.

5 ways this Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid is revolutionizing the luxury market

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Car from front

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Plug-In Hybrid drives green but rides in style. Step inside this revolutionary vehicle and you’ll see what the automaker means when it says, “The best or nothing.” The cabin is palatial, but finely detailed, and set among the latest in technology. You’ll immediately note the vehicle’s hand-stitched leather, brushed aluminum accents, and top-flight craftsmanship. You’ll experience an interior temperature you preset on your phone — before you’ve even entered the car. And you’ll be riding with the most advanced safety systems in the world: technologies designed to help keep you in your lane, alert at the wheel, and a safe distance from the car in front of you. But this Mercedes-Benz is also a plug-in hybrid. Sometimes it is easy being green.

The BMW M4 Coupe will put a smile on your face every time you drive it

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Our third encounter was even more special than the first time we spent time together on track in Portugal and then on the back roads of Nurburgring, mostly because we got to know each other well and we both knew what ticks us and what makes us happy.Our one week long date was a milestone for us, one that would make or break us. So with that in mind, the porter hands off the keys to her heart and off I go.As some of you might have guessed, my date is the new 2015 BMW M4 Coupe, the beautiful, curvaceous and sexy model that hopes to win my heart.

The lighter 2016 Camaro drops pounds, ups the ante among the US muscle car wars

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General Motors Co's all-new Chevrolet 2016 Camaro SIX is seen during its official debut at Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan May 16, 2015.  REUTERS/Rebecca Cook 

DETROIT (Reuters) – General Motors unveiled the sixth generation of its Chevrolet Camaro on Saturday, upping the ante as Detroit’s muscle cars enjoy a renaissance fueled by cheap oil.Chevrolet marketers staged the official debut of the redesigned Camaro on Belle Isle in downtown Detroit less than a year after Ford Motor launched the latest version of its rival Mustang sports car.

What is vehicle telematics?

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Tesla Model S


Telematics makes your car safer, keeps you from getting lost, summons roadside assistance at the press of a button, routes you around accidents, auto-dials 911 if you’re in the accident, and starts your EV charging at 2 a.m. when rates are cheapest. Those are a few of the features that make up vehicle telematics. But what is telematics? For most users, telematics means navigation, communications, safety, security, and increasingly infotainment.

Basically, telematics is a crash-resistant black box that receives wireless information, information more advanced than broadcast radio, and does something useful with it. Telematics doesn’t have to include two-way communication, but most of the good stuff involves going both ways. Usually there’s an embedded cellular modem as with GM’sOnStar. Some of the telematics work can be handled by your connected smartphone, as happens with Ford Sync. Here’s our backgrounder on vehicular telematics.

OnStar as the prototype for telematics

Toyota i-Road Electric City Car

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Toyota might not be planning to invest in a mainstream electric vehicle for the U.S. anytime soon, but now, globally, it has this oddity: the i-Road.

As we caught last month in this demonstration at the Paris Auto Show, the i-Road is driven at the front wheels by twin 2-kW electric motors, and steered at the rear wheels, as the articulating front end effectively allows the i-Road to lean into corners, as a motorcycle would, to maintain stability and composure.

Car of the future

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Stunning Alpine prototype is the only car I would ever want

I always loved the Alpine, the classic French roadster with Renault engine. It was my favorite car along with the 911 since I was a little kid. This Alpine Vision prototype—made to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversar—is a dream. I want to drive it all across Europe, from Andalusia to Finland. Check it out from all angles:

What’s The Least Powerful Car To Break 200 MPH?

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What's The Least Powerful Car To Break 200 MPH?

Dodge recently put out a video claiming that their Charger Hellcat sledgehammered its way across 204 MPH. The Charger is a bit of a brick, and it’s no surprise the car needs over 700 horsepower to hit that speed. Is there a more elegant way?

Has there ever been a car that’s gone as fast with even less motor?