Apple gave up on making a TV a year ago

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Apple TV Tim Cook

Despite superstar investor Carl Icahn’s best guess, Apple gave up on any plans to make its own television as long ago as last year, according to a Wall Street Journal report. In an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook today, Icahn wrote that he expects an Apple car and an Apple television — two rumored projects which have never been officially confirmed or announced by Apple — to hit the market next year. But while the jury’s still out on any Apple car, that report indicates that Apple’s television dreams may have come to an end a year ago, after over a decade of internal research and development.

Basically, Apple reportedly found the higher-end television market to be way too competitive to go head-to-head with the likes of Samsung.

The rumors held that the Apple television would sport an insanely high video resolution (four times as many pixels as HDTVs), and that it would include cameras and sensors to make video calls straight from the set. In his letter, citing “many years of rumors, Icahn said that he assumed it would ship in 55″ and 65” models.

But ultimately, Apple decided that nothing they could come up with was good enough to really make a splash in the market, especially given the fact that high-resolution TVs are only going down in price, the Journal reports.

It’s a shame, because Apple had reportedly been working on plenty of crazy ideas, including a transparent pane of glass that would use lasers to project the TV image. But on that idea in particular, the prototype had poor image quality and worse power efficiency.

Apple hasn’t given up on TV entirely: The rumor is still that we’ll see a new Apple TV console before the year’s out, with a new design and remote control. And Apple is still working with partners like HBO to build an online television service.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting for a big-screen Apple television.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Trailer: Here’s What We Saw

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A new season is coming. Send a raven. The Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer is here.

It was a ton of quick flashes showing the main characters in their new status quos — bearded Tyrion in tropical Pentos with Varys, Jaime and Cersei mourning, Jon Snow on the offensive, Arya in Braavos — while also showing some of the new characters from sandy Dorne. The trailer reminds you that just about everybody wants something — power, vengeance, etc. — and the one big plot detail it drops is that Varys wants Tyrion to help Daenerys take the Iron Throne.

Arrow Is Back And Full Of Delicious Ideas

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Arrow Is Back And Full Of Delicious Ideas

Arrow is back, and it’s letting us know a couple of important things. One – no one can even guess where this season is going to go. Two – it’s going to be incredibly sweet to get there.

The Right Villain Played by the Right Guy

Green Arrow fans know Brick from the comics. A ruthless thug with a brilliant mind and a near-indestructible body, he was set up to be Oliver Queen’s Lex Luthor or Joker, a character that is both an antagonist and a funhouse mirror version of the hero. This episode, “Left Behind”, brings him in smooth as a buttered ice rink. This is very well done. We start out by watching Roy and Digg catch one half of a duo who shot a cop. It turns out that both of these guys work for Danny Brickwell, a guy who stays out of jail because witnesses against him keep disappearing.

In fact, he’s disappearing the other half of the duo right that second. Brick’s method of execution is odd. He gives the cowering man his gun, and offers him a free shot. Which he takes, but aside from a little blood, bullets don’t seem to affect Brick. He turns around and – oh my god! It’s Vinnie Jones! To give you some idea of how perfect Vinnie Jones is for this, he hasalready played a guy named Brick. He’s also played guys named Killer, The Extractor, and Rover, Ryker, and Sarge.

You gonna watch?

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First teaser for Halle Berry sci-fi series ‘Extant’ shows the creation of life

extant (teaser crop)

There still isn’t much known about CBS’ upcoming sci-fi series Extant, and the network is keeping its new show as mysterious as ever with a brief and beautiful first teaser. The short clip shows a cell dividing and turning into human life, while giving a nod to Jurassic Park with the slogan, “Life always finds a way.”

Steven Spielberg is an executive producer on the series

The first of Extant‘s 13 episodes will premiere on July 2nd at 9PM ET/PT. It stars Halle Berry as an astronaut returning to Earth, whose experience in space “will change the course of human history.” That’s a bold premise, but Extant has a strong team to help pull it off: alongside Berry, Steven Spielberg is one of the series’ executive producers.

The Jedi have almost returned

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J.J. Abrams confirms ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ script is complete

Long-awaited sequel will not be shot in IMAX

J.J. Abrams’ vision for a Star Wars sequel is one step closer to theaters today, as the director reveals the script for Star Wars Episode VII is complete. “We’re working really hard and we’ve got our script and we’re in deep prep,” Abrams tells The Wrap, “full steam ahead, y’know.”

Speaking at a press event for his new NBC series Believe, Abrams confirmed Jesse Plemons is being considered for a role in the sequel, saying he “is one of the actors that we’ve talked to.” Plemons has long been rumored for a potential starring role; he’s perhaps best-known for his role as Todd Alquist in the final season of Breaking Bad.

‘The Simpsons’ celebrates the works of anime legend Miyazaki in Studio Ghibli skit

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Now in its 25th season — with a 26th on the way — The Simpsons has taken to producing elaborate homages to other works of entertainment. In October, the show’s creatorsrecruited Guillermo del Toro to put together a lengthy Halloween-themed intro sequence that toasted classic horror films and referenced the director’s own work. Now The Simpsons has created a similar tribute to the films of Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki.

Perhaps the most expensive high school reunion ever

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‘Veronica Mars’ trailer shows what $5.7 million in crowdfunding buys you

Veronica Mars

It might seem like an age ago, but it’s been just nine months since the Veronica MarsKickstarter successfully raised $5.7 million to create a movie based on the canceled TV show. That movie is scheduled for release on March 14th, almost exactly a year after the Kickstarter campaign began, and now its writer and director Rob Thomas is ready to show the world where the money has gone with a theatrical trailer.

Watch Walt and Jesse read the final ‘Breaking Bad’ script for the first time

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AMC Breaking Bad Walter White

The video embedded in this post contains big spoilers for Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad‘s finale was perhaps the television event of the year. Watched by millions, the episode brought closure to the show’s loyal followers, and was well received by the majority of critics. Unsurprisingly, it was also well received by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who play the show’s main characters, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Marvel creating four superhero shows exclusively for Netflix, premiering in 2015

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Daredevil, Luke Cage, and others to team up in mini-series

Marvel SDCC

Marvel is creating four live-action superhero series and an Avengers-style special event that will all air exclusively on Netflix, beginning in 2015. The first of the TV series will focus on Daredevil, while the following series will star Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. At least 13 episodes of each series will be produced, and — like all good Marvel series — they’ll eventually come together for a special event. For Netflix, that event will be a mini-series called The Defenders, though there’s no word on just how long it’ll run.