Dragon Age: Inquisition Used To Be A Way Different Game

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Used To Be A Way Different Game

Just a year before it came out, Dragon Age: Inquisition looked very different. And I’m not just talking about trivial things—UI changes, line tweaks—what we saw in 2013 was almost an entirely different game than what we saw last year.

At PAX Prime in early September of 2013, BioWare showed off a 30-minute demo of the newestDragon Age game. It was our first time really seeing it in action, and what we witnessed was spectacular: a big, beautiful RPG that tasked you with making important, tactical combat decisions like burning boats to prevent your enemies from escaping or smashing down a rickety bridge to take out the enemies standing on top of it.

What we actually got was something else entirely—Dragon Age: Inquisition did turn out to be a great RPG, but much of what we saw during that first preview session never actually made it into the game.1

This isn’t that unusual. Game development is a messy process. Things change. But still, I thought it’d be interesting to go back through that old demo and dissect just how much they had to change—and cut—between September 2013 and

It’s Impossible To Get Things Right In Game of Thrones Episode 2

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It's Impossible To Get Things Right In Game of Thrones Episode 2

Nothing’s easy in Westeros. There are no simple decisions, no sure outcomes, and just when you think you’ve made the right call, something unexpected turns up and kills you.

The second episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones game came out this week, and man, did it hit the ground running. Over the course of its two-ish-hour run, we followed multiple Forrester children in multiple locations, all of them trying to recover from the devastation brought down on their family in the wake of their father’s death at the Red Wedding, as well as the events at the end of episode one.

Heads up! Spoilers for the first two episodes of Telltale’s Game of Thronesfollow.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, some broad thoughts on the episode: I thought it was plenty engrossing, but it also felt a bit off at times. Everything was so clear-cut, the villains were evil,the good guys were good, and there was so little time to get to actually know anyone. It may have been that I also spent this week playing the first episode of Life is Strange—a Telltale-like game that improves on the formula in some notable ways—but I found myself wishing that episode 2 had given everything more space to breathe. 

From hell: a look at John Carmack’s incredible and influential games

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Doom 3

John Carmack has left id Software. After helping found the company more than 20 years ago, where he helped craft experiences like Doom and Quake, Carmack has officially shifted his focus full time to virtual reality firm Oculus VR, where he’ll serve as a chief technical officer. It’s a position he originally took on back in August, but it seems that splitting his time between the two companies just wasn’t working out. “The divided focus was challenging,” he says. The move is perhaps not that surprising: Carmack has always had a fascination with building new technologies, making the Oculus Rift headset an ideal project.

“John’s work on id Tech 5 and the technology for the current development work at id is complete, and his departure will not affect any current projects,” id studio director Tim Willits told Polygon, referring to the game engine that will be used to power the in-development Doom 4. But while Carmack’s time at id may be at an end, his influence will continue to be felt — here are some of his most important contributions.


What is a next-gen game?

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Battlefield 4 stock e3 2013 1020

This November, the Xbox 360 will be eight years old. The PlayStation 3 will be seven. At the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo, we finally got acquainted with their successors. The new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 represent a new generation of consoles, the fabled “next generation,” and with them comes the tantalizing possibility of “next-gen” games. Why else would we spend upwards of $399 on a new game console?

What does a next-gen game look like, though? What does “next-gen” even mean? Going into E3 2013, we had no idea what to expect. So on Monday morning, we made it our mission to answer this question. We tracked down the most advanced games, watched dozens of demonstrations, interviewed their developers, and occasionally even got to play. Slowly, over the course of the week, patterns began to emerge.

 Tightened graphicsForza_5-hero

Star Wars: The Old Republic

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You’d probably prefer it if I didn’t mention World of Warcraft in this review. Seven years on and it’s getting boring, I have to agree. But that’s tough for both of us, because Star Wars: The Old Republic wouldn’t exist without Blizzard’s online world, and it’s impossible to discuss without referring to it. There are two elephants in this room.

The Elder Scrolls -Skyrim

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The Elder Scrolls has always had a dedicated following, but given the success of Oblivion and the expectations for its sequel, I assumed Bethesda would play it safe and deliver a slightly enhanced continuation of the franchise. Instead, I walked away feeling I had played the next evolution of the series.

I wasn’t so optimistic as the game opened. Skyrim’s story begins with a political prisoner’s beheading at a public execution. This sequence is worrisome, not because my character was the next in line to feel the axe, but due to the choppy narrative flow. The intensity that is supposed to accompany this scene is stripped away by robotic character animations, confusion over who is talking at any given point, and uncomfortable lulls in the pacing. Making this scene feel real requires just as much imagination as a Dungeons & Dragons session. Cinematic storytelling has never been Bethesda Game Studios’ strong suit, and I find it surprising that the team decided to make it such a prominent component in Skyrim’s introductory moments.